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The Plant


In November 1995, a Final Investment Decision (FID) was signed by the shareholders to build a liquefied natural gas plant in Finima, Bonny Island in Rivers State. This was followed in December 1995 by the award of a turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to a consortium of engineering firms comprising Technip, Snamprogetti, M.V. Kellog and Japan Gas Corporation (TSKJ) for the Plant (consisting of two trains - Trains 1 and 2, called the Base Project), the Gas Transmission System (GTS) and the Residential Area.

Construction at the plant site commenced in February 1996 and on August 12, 1999, Train 2 was ready for start-up. Production of LNG commenced on September 15. Train 1 subsequently came on stream on February 27, 2000.

The second phase of development, called Expansion Project, commenced with a Final Investment Decision (FID) in February 1999 to develop Train 3 and the plant's condensate stabilisation system. Train 3 was completed and came into operation in November 2002.

The next phase of development called the NLNGPlus project, comprising Trains 4 and 5, commenced in March 2002. Train 4 came on stream in November 2005 and Train 5 was started up in February 2006.

NLNG Six project, consisting of Train 6 and additional condensate processing and LPG storage facilities commenced in 2004. Train 6 became operational in December 2007.

With six trains currently operational, the entire complex is capable of producing 22 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of LNG, and 5 MTPA of NGLs (LPG and Condensate) from 3.5 Billion (standard) cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas intake.

Plans for building Train 7 that will lift the total production capacity to 30 MTPA of LNG are currently progressing with some preliminary early site preparation work initiated. Further work awaits an FID by the shareholders.

The plant has rapidly and successfully made the transition from a construction project to a stable production operation with relentless focus on operational excellence, de-bottlenecking and regular Turn-Around Maintenance (TAM) of the assets whilst imbibing proven techniques and processes to maximise production, and manage human interferences and impacts. All these activities are underpinned by a Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) culture that continually seeks improvements in the safety and sustainable utilisation of our assets.  Additional projects are in development to extend and rejuvenate the assets beyond their original design life.

The plant performance is regularly benchmarked internationally with other LNG plants around the world and continues to rank amongst the biggest and top performers.

NLNG has, within a short span of time, grown in status to become a very reliable supplier of LNG in the Atlantic Basin, serving the European, North American and Far East markets.

The Plant is built on 2.27 of largely reclaimed land in Finima, Bonny Island. The main elements of the facilities already in operation are:

  • Six LNG processing units (trains) with a total nameplate processing capacity of 22 MTPA.
  • ​Diversified Gas Supply (Associated Gas & Non-Associated Gas) and six main dedicated gas transmission pipelines with four of them on-shore
  •  Four LNG storage tanks, each with a capacity of 84,200 cubic metres. 
  •  A common fractionation plant to process LPG
  • A common condensate stabilisation plant.
  • Three Condensate storage tanks, each with a capacity of 36,000 cubic metres.
  • Four LPG refrigerated storage tanks, each with a capacity of 65,000 cubic metres (2 each for propane & butane).
  • 10 gas turbine electricity generators with a combined capacity of more than 320 MW
  • Two LNG export jetties; one of which also exports LPG, and the other also exports Condensate, with a combined capacity of more than 400 loadings per year.
  • 23 LNG ships dedicated to the service of NLNG
  •  A materials off-loading jetty
  •  A passenger jetty /terminal
  •  A Residential Area (RA) covering an area of more than 2

Gas Supply


Nigeria LNG Limited has long term Gas Supply Agreements (GSAs) with three Joint Ventures (JVs) for the supply of natural gas (feedgas) to the plant. These JVs are Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), Total Exploration Production Nigeria (TEPNG) and Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC). The agreements ensure efficient gas supply to the plant throughout the life of the projects.

Feedgas is produced by the JVs from various concession areas in the Niger Delta, from onshore and offshore fields and supplied to NLNG. 


​NSML is committed to ensure that Nigerian crews are well represented in numbers of officers that work onboard NLNG Vessels and third​ party charterers. The Nigerianization P​​lan is to ensure that Nigerians are recruited straight from the cadetship phase and sponsored to obtain the CoCs in schools abroad after which their careers with the company is appropriately monitored and managed as they rise within th​e ranks.​

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Bonny Gas Transport Limited was established in 1989, following the incorporation of Nigeria LNG Limited, to provide shipping capacity for NLNG project.

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